What We Like About Our Kids

Her good nature,she always smiles and gives wonderful cuddles!

Loving nature, charming, caring and intelligent

He is a very loving boy and gives highfives to everyone. He is also a very happy child!

She likes to help with things in the kitchen

He brightens up my day!

My sons sense of humour

My child always makes me laugh

My sons sense of humour, he is so funny without even trying!

Her loving personality. She will always give you a cuddle.

He loves a good chat

He is a very loving boy

He likes to make people laugh! I love everything about him!

I like that he is always happy and smiling!

He loves running and swimming

Her great sense of humour

His happy cheerful nature!

Despite all my sons problems he is such a kind considerate boy to others

My sons smile!

Lovely nature and very intelligent!

Great sense of humour!

His affection!

My son has a wonderful sense of humour

He is a very happy boy!

He is a loving, happy little boy

He thinks of others and is kind to other children

My son is very kind and polite - a pleasure to take out and about

Her outgoing personality,she can always make you smile whatever mood you're in

His happy cheerful nature!

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