Seat Belts

Parents are reminded to check every day that their child is correctly wearing their seat belt when travelling to and from school. The seat belt should be fitted across the shoulder and lap as shown in the picture.

Wheelchair users should also have seat belts across their shoulder and lap. While wheelchairs are crashed tested, the straps are not and will not be secure in the event of an accident.

Straps placed across the chest could cause injury.

If you aren’t satisfied with the positioning of the seat belt please mention it to the driver or escort and ask them to place it correctly. If you would prefer not to discuss directly with the bus staff please let us know immediately and we will raise the issue on your behalf without revealing your name.

Transport Discussion Group

Positive Parents have set up a Transport Discussion Group and meetings will be held on a termly basis with members of Passenger Transport.

If you have any issues that you would like discussed please contact us and we will raise them on your behalf.

Havering School Travel Assistance

Information on travel assistance and support to eligible children and young people travelling between home and school/college is available here