Edward Timpson’s report into school exclusions makes 30 recommendations to address the growing trend for vulnerable children including those with SEND being excluded.

Parent carers have raised many concerns about exclusions of children with SEND from school and in his report Edward Timpson recognises many of these concerns and makes 30 recommendations grouped into 4 areas:

• Ambitious leadership: setting high expectations for every child
• Equipping: giving schools the skills and capacity to deliver
• Incentivising: creating the best conditions for every child
• Safeguarding: ensuring no child misses out on education

The scope of the inquiry was limited to formal exclusions yet many parent carers report that their children are being unofficially excluded using methods such as part time timetables, missing school trips, access to school clubs and teaching in isolation. These areas were, however, beyond the scope of this inquiry although Edward Timpson did recognise them in his report.

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