The Moan Phone

First time viewing this app? Save it to your phone home screen for fast access by clicking here for instructions.
If you are viewing this via computer, go to your mobile phone type into your internet then follow the instructions on your phone.

If viewing direct from your mobile phone follow instructions below.


iPhone Instructions

Tap the Share button (if you can’t see it you need to scroll up slightly to make the toolbar appear).

Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu.

Click the Add Button and it will be added to your apps page.


Android Instructions

Tap the menu button which will look like one of those below

 or  (if you can’t see either of these scroll to the top of your screen and one of them will appear on the right)

Tap Add to homescreen or Add shortcut to home screen

The app will now appear on your menu


If you have any problems downloading the app to your phone please contact us via our contact page on this website or send us an email.

Once you have saved this to your mobile phone home screen by following the instructions above you can then use this form to alert us to any issues you are having. We will investigate the problem and see what can be done to improve it.