Power UP Exhibition Relaxed Morning 
Saturday 31st March 08.30am to 10am 

This hands-on, fully interactive gaming event features the very best video games and consoles from the past 40 years. From Pong to Pacman and Minecraft to Mario, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a retro games fan, a serious gamer or just want to beat your family at Mario Kart.

The 8.30-10.00 ticketed entry is a free event for families with children who have an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) , for adults who have ASC, or for others with sensory sensitivities which means they would benefit from a quieter, more relaxed experience.  Please note this morning is just for visiting the Power UP exhibition, and the use of the space is only until 10.00.  You would be welcome to stay in the rest of museum after 10.00, which will be open to the general public at that time.
Registration is necessary to ensure your family have booked their free places.
To register, call 0207 942 4000, then select “2” for ticket inquiries
or click here for online booking