Our Mission Statement

To provide the expert parent voice representing the views and needs of children and families with disabilities and additional needs in order for all children with disabilities to fulfil their potential.

Our goal is for all children to have equal opportunities, maximise their potential, and provide parent representatives to sit on professional bodies.

The greater clarity and transparency we have the better.

We do this by:

  • Representing the views of parents and children with all disabilities and additional needs
  • Identifying the need for services and provision and the best use of resources
  • Take an active part in the strategic planning of services and resources across the local authority, health and voluntary bodies
  • Provide feedback on current resources and seek improvement by making them more widely available, timely and relevant to children’s needs
  • Develop a culture of mutual respect with professionals
  • Change attitudes about children so their individuality is recognised by all
  • Being a ‘critical friend’ to the professionals in their dealing with/of children with disabilities and their families
  • Providing information, training and a powerful representative voice for children with disabilities and their families

Benefits to parents:

  • To have access to information
  • To have a forum where your concerns/views will be listened to – to have a ‘voice’
  • To be represented on professional bodies/local authority and in doing so impact on the strategic planning of resources and services
  • To have a collective impact on the thinking of professionals in order to inform and influence