Our Kids – Their Achievements

She can move around by herself!

Getting two buses on the way home from school

Remembering to start his advent calender on the 1st of December, with no prompting!

Just started walking short distances indepedently

Learning to read and write


My child always makes me laugh

Joking around with mum

Overcoming health problems

Using her words more!

She has started to talk clearly and in sentences of more than 2-3 words

Getting out of nappies before 9 years old!

Driving his wheelchair without running everyone over!

Has achieved a number of educational certificates

His happy cheerful nature!

He has just started walking!

When he learnt how to ride his bike and said "Look at me, I'm riding my bike properly!"

The first time he said 'mummy' at age 8 years

Saying 'Biscuit' for the first time!

Controlling his temper

He sang at the London Palladium and the Paralympics

Learning to talk!

Being able to follow instructions

He thinks of others and is kind to other children

He has achieved his red medal for the Royal School of Church Music

Can stand straighter and can do his buttons up

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