New Post 16 Provision

The Background

Positive Parents and our members have concerns regarding the lack of suitable provision within Havering for young people with disabilities who are unable to attend Havering Sixth Form College or Quarles. Many currently have little option other than to attend schools outside of Havering in order to continue their education. Some steps have been taken in the past to address this situation but although they have been helpful they have only provided temporary solutions.

We believe that our young people should receive their education within the area where they live in order for them to gain valuable life skills and familiarise themselves with areas that they will frequent. This will allow them to increase their independence and play an active part in the communities where they live by developing relationships with those they are in regular contact with who can look out for them. Although an initial cost would inevitably be incurred, a good sixth form provision for those with more complex needs within the borough would save the excessive costs of transporting to other boroughs as well as the time spent travelling.

Parent Meetings – September 2015

Two meetings were held to give parent carers an overview of what the new provision would look like and how they could be involved. 45 parents attended, a presentation was given and parents had the opportunity to ask questions. It is expected that the new provision will be at the Avelon Centre.A copy of the presentation can be viewed here.

What’s Next

Following the above we asked for visits to be arranged to the Avelon Centre so that we can see the space for the new Post 16 provision.

There will be two viewings of the building. The first will be held on Friday 20th November 10am – 11am with the second one on Tuesday 24th November 7pm – 8pm.

Following the visits there will be a chance to discuss your thoughts around the building on Thursday 26th November 10am – 12pm at our offices and 7pm – 9pm at the Town Hall.

We really hope you will come and get involved in this new provision as it could benefit all of our children.

Regular newsletters will be issued by the Local Authority to keep you up-to-date on the progress of the new provision.

We are really keen to hear as many thoughts, suggestions, comments, ideas on what you would like a Post 16 provision to look like. This is an extremely important subject that eventually affects us all so even if your child is too young at the moment to be affected we would still like to hear from you.

November 2015

Parents were able to look round the Avelon Centre to see the space that will be used by the new Post 16 provision.  Meetings then took place to discuss how parents would like to see it used and what else needs to be added. It is still to be decided who will have responsibility for the new provision and Positive Parents and our members have already let it be known that we wish to continue to be fully involved with the design of the curriculum to ensure our young people have a meaningful transition into adulthood.

To take the tour of the Post 16 provision at the Avelon Centre click here