You are invited to create artwork!

Havering Council Arts Development Team, Waste Team and Havering Libraries have been working together to invite you to create a piece of art from something that you might have previously thrown away. Some examples are a piece of art created from milk bottle tops, a train with the carriages made from an empty toilet roll centres, a collage made from old magazines or newspapers, or a sculpture made from a cereal packet. We cannot wait to see your creations! Please email a photograph (ideally at least 1MB in size) of just the art work to [email protected], with the artists name and age.

We are working with Havering Libraries to install art work on the subject of recycling around the borough. Therefore, all entries will be considered for permanent installation.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 01708 434135.

Terms & Conditions: Free entry. Only original designs and pieces allowed. Copyright laws apply. All submitted works may be shared on all of Havering Councils social media accounts. The online exhibition will include the artists first name and age.