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If your child or young person needs to attend A & E, Clinic Appointment or have a blood test there are a few things you can do before hand to make life easier.


Hospital Passports are a document that identifies your child or young persons medical information, communtion needs, mobility and the medications that they take.

Download a Hospital Passport from

Fill the passport in in pencil as things will change over time. Always carry this with your child.

You can also email a copy to the Learning Disability Liaison Nurses

Children’s  Mary Jean Hickey [email protected] 01708 435000 Ext 5047

18+ Tim Buck  [email protected]  01708 435 000 Ext 5050 

Abisola Abe [email protected] Telephone 01708 435 000 Ext 5041

They will also with your permission set up an alert on the hospital computer system so that when your child or young person attends it will flag up to staff that they have a Learning Disability.


When attending a clinic appointment the reception staff should place an LD Sticker on your child’s file and ask you if you would like a buzzer so that they can alert you when you are called for the consultation.

This then allows you the opportunity to wander around the hospital rather than sit in a crowded waiting area where your child or young person maybe come distressed.


Blood test appointments at Queens Hospital can be booked in advance by calling 01708 435000 ext 3992, you need to explain that your child or young person has a Learning Disability. You will be given a time to attend and not have to queue.


If your child or young person needs an in-patient admission you or someone of your choice will be able to stay 24 hours on the ward.  There is a hospital carer’s policy in place that entitles you to food and refreshment’s whilst on the ward. You should also be given a reclining chair to sleep on. You will be offered a head board magnet, which will alert all staff that your child or young person has a Learning Disability.  You may also be offered a carers badge to wear to identify you to all staff. You can also contact the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse on 01708 435000 ex 4928 if you have any problems whilst staying on a ward. They are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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